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Exercise benefits the worker

by Jerry Vance

Major changes have occurred in today’s families. They spend less time together, and many are single-parent homes. Mom works and spends less time in the kitchen. Dad is busy traveling and earning a living, and the kids are caught up in jobs and social, cultural and physical activities. The monetary needs seem to require all family members to be out there trying to make ends meet.

As the job market swells to meet this demand, the absenteeism rate at school and on the job is increasing. Now, absences occur for personal reasons: reasons in which illness is not necessarily a factor.

Research shows several areas of physical and emotional problems as the reasons for absenteeism. In order of severity, they are indifference and boredom, domestic troubles, drug and alcohol abuse and infectious diseases. These four categories make up the major part of job- and school- related absences for both adults and children.

It’s interesting that you can predict the day of the week that most of these absences occur. Statistically, the person who misses work on a Monday is more likely to have had a heavy weekend with drugs or alcohol. Friday absences most often occur due to boredom or indifference with the job. People who miss work during the middle of the week frequently suffer from domestic problems or infectious disease. This list also includes the reasons for school absenteeism.

Studies of workers show that the physically fit child or worker faces each day with more enthusiasm and a better sense of control than those who do not exercise.

Fit people can eliminate much of the boredom from their lives. They have more stamina to finish the job and thus create an enjoyment from the accomplishment. They are more gregarious and confident and have the added ability of control – which cuts down on the number of industrial accidents as well as their severity. Finally, exercise promotes productivity through efficiency.

The physically fit person will not only ward off more infectious diseases due to improved general health, the increase of body heat that remains following physical exertion can make it harder for invading bacteria to grow. Illness and disease relating to stress shows a significant decrease in those individuals participating in a regular aerobic program.

All of these positive changes relating to exercise will enhance your work and school performance, your family life and your physical and emotional health.

• Jerry Vance is owner of The Sweat Shop/Wet Sweat. She offers classes through Carson City Recreation and Aquatics Center and is a fitness instructor for the Carson City Senior Citizens Center.