Faith & Insight: Ambassadors for Christ |

Faith & Insight: Ambassadors for Christ

Bill McCord
For the Nevada Appeal

The Apostle Paul writes in II Corinthians chapter 5 that we are to be ambassadors for Christ.

An ambassador is a messenger. An ambassador for Christ is a messenger of “good news.” What is Christ’s good news? The good news is that we are all God’s children, there are no exceptions. God loves us all.

Everyone needs to know that even though we have turned from God – sinned – God has not turned from us. There are consequences for our decisions we make and things we do. The message through Christ from God is that I’ll be with you in whatever situation you find yourself. You are never abandoned.

We are seeing and have seen God at work through his ambassadors, his messengers, in Haiti, in Katrina, wherever people have responded to needs of people in distressing and desperate circumstances.

Those of us who say we are followers of Christ must come to see ourselves as messengers, bringing “good news,” the “good news” of God’s unconditional love.

• Bill McCord is a retired United Methodist pastor and member of the Carson City Ministerial Association.