Faith & Insight: ‘For God does not show favoritism’ |

Faith & Insight: ‘For God does not show favoritism’

Mark Cyr

If you never take a chance on people, people will never let you down. What good is that?

I believe in people because I believe in God working through the “least likely.” Normal every day people like you and I who are “least likely” to do something good.

People like Moses, a murderer with a speech impediment who was alienated by both Jews and Egyptians, and yet God chose him to lead his people out of bondage.

Like Rahab, a prostitute, who was the “least likely” to be part of the lineage of Christ, but God saw more to her than the world did.

People like David, the younger brother who wasn’t even considered by his dad and was ridiculed by his brothers. He fought Goliath, led armies and became king; Simon Peter, a common fisherman who cowered when questioned as a follower of Christ, but God made him a great Apostle; and yes, even Saul, the persecutor of Christians who became Paul, who through the power of the Holy Spirit became an apostle to the church and author of a large portion of our New Testament.

God does not use special people; people become special because God uses them.

Look around and find someone who’s “least likely” and give him/her a chance and see what God can do through them!

Captain Mark Cyr is pastor of The Salvation Army, 661 Colorado St. Carson City, 89701. For information, go to