Faith & Insight: Let God do His spring cleaning |

Faith & Insight: Let God do His spring cleaning

Bruce Henderson
For the Nevada Appeal

Happy springtime! It’s time for lawns, buds, birds, warmer days, and spring cleaning.

What’s that, you say? Well, with the positive, there is often a negative.

Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning for our family this year as we are upgrading our bathroom. A layer of dust covers everything!

The good thing about spring cleaning is also the good thing about spring itself – renewal, newness and freshness.

Beginning the Christian life is kind of like spring cleaning, but we let God do the work.

In Colossians Chapter 3 Paul writes of the process. Out goes the immorality, greed, anger, and rotten language. They are replaced by compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and forgiveness. As we allow God’s Word to indwell us, His peace begins to fill our lives.

Spring cleaning-it’s important for us all. For who knows, during that springtime 3,000 years ago, if King David had been busy cleaning, he may not have been ogling Bathsheba!

Have a wonderful springtime.

• Bruce Henderson is the pastor of Airport Road. Church of Christ and a member of the Carson City Ministerial Association.