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Fallon man receives life sentence for sexual assault

By Steve Ranson Nevada News Group
Wesley Lattin
Lattin photo

Wesley Lattin pleaded guilty on to charges

A Fallon man received life in prison last week for sexually abusing a juvenile and then skipping out for a jury trial in 2005.

Tenth District Court Judge Tom Stockard sentenced Wesley Lattin to the Nevada State Prison for sexual assault on a juvenile that occurred in the early 2000s. After 20 years, Lattin will be eligible for parole. Stockard said the defendant will be subject to lifetime supervision and once released from incarceration, he must register as a sex offender.

On the second charge, Lattin did not appear in court for a jury trial in 2005. He faced one to four years and a fine of $5,000 or possible probation. Lattin will serve 19-48 months in the NSP, and Stockard said the sentence will run consecutively to the more serious charge.

Lattin eluded authorities for almost 15 years and was sighted earlier this year on property owned by his brother-in-law and sister, Bruce and Becky Humphrey. On Feb. 21, Lattin was arrested on a warrant on a tip from the U.S Marshals that revealed he was living in an underground bunker, reported the Churchill County Sheriff’s office.

According to justice court records, a complaint has been issued against Becky Humphrey allegedly she was an accessory to a felon by providing shelter for her brother. Since the shelter was provided for an immediate family member, the charge is a gross misdemeanor. A similar complaint alleged against Bruce Humphrey, but since he’s not an immediate family member, he will be charged with a class C felony.

The court reports the Humphreys both turned themselves in and were released on bail.

During the sentencing hearing against Lattin, the victim took the stand and offered comments on how Lattin’s actions have impacted their life.

“Honestly, God, myself and him are the only ones who really knew behind those closed doors,” the victim said.

The victim said Lattin’s assaults also affected their adult life that caused a path of self-destruction and led to unhealthy relationships. The victim said Lattin took so much from them and caused them to put a son into an unhealthy environment. The victim told the court of a prison sentence, which also provided the needed tools for them to deal with life after incarceration.

“This whole experience has made me feel stronger,” the injured party said.

Several other victims submitted written impact statements but did not include their names, which drew a rebuke from Stockard. He excluded the statements from being read in court

“The court is bound to follow the law and treat everyone fairly,” he said. “I expect a letter to be identified by who they are. The defense is entitled to know who they are … out of fairness.”

Since the assaults happened when the victim was a juvenile, the LVN has omitted any specific reference to the defendant and used a plural pronoun for specific reference.