Final day drags into the evening |

Final day drags into the evening

The final day of the 2009 Nevada Legislature dragged into the evening Monday as legislative leaders huddled behind closed doors for some final horsetrading.

The Senate, which was supposed to hold a final floor session at 4:30 p.m., still wasn’t in session when 6 p.m. passed.

The Assembly passed the time honoring the 10 members who are serving their final day in a session. Those members are termed out after being members for at least 12 years.

The Senate also honored the members who can’t, by the constitutional mandates of term limits, run again. Seven will leave from that body.

A few issues remain on the table. But the budget is complete except for one small piece: SB403 which replenishes the various contingency and emergency funds for the coming two years.

The two bodies earlier in the day raised the total number of vetoed bills overridden to 24 with the passage of SB201 ” the legislation allowing the Washoe County Commission to raise fuel taxes to fund road and street improvements.

Whether they finish their trades or not, the Legislature will, by mandate of the constitution, adjourn tonight. That is supposed to happen by midnight on the 120th calendar day of session. But lawmakers can legally go until 1 a.m. because the state is on daylight savings time.