Fireworks in April on Friday in Carson City |

Fireworks in April on Friday in Carson City

Mounted Sensory Night Fireworks Training will be held on Friday.

Enjoy fireworks in April at the Mounted Patrol Night Sensory Firework Training on Friday.
The exercise will begin around 7 p.m. at the Fuji Park Fairgrounds rodeo area. Attendees must park in the rodeo entrance parking lot and all ages are welcome to attend.
“Mounted Units throughout the region work closely together and provide a safe atmosphere for a variety of events throughout Nevada. The Northern Nevada Mounted School program is one of the strongest examples of interagency cooperation with both volunteer and paid officers working side-by-side to ensure everyone’s welfare,” said Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong.
The Carson City Sheriff’s Office Mounted Unit is a traditionally honored service ensuring public safety and security during ceremonial and large-scale events.
During the week of April 23-28, volunteers from surrounding counties are saddling up and undergoing a series of challenging exercises, including the Friday night fireworks.