Fishing better with blizzards involved, Glenbrook man says |

Fishing better with blizzards involved, Glenbrook man says

Susan Wood
Nevada Appeal News Service
Dan Thrift/Nevada Appeal News Service Danny Salvador describes the action Thursday when using a dodger while fishing.

GLENBROOK – Every fisherman has a story. Danny Salvador is no exception.

The Glenbrook man has posted a collage of his exploits in his modest, Alpine cabin located steps from the beach on the East Shore.

“It was stormy that day. Once I got wet, I couldn’t feel my hands anymore,” he said, pointing to a photo of himself holding a 14.2-pound lake trout caught from the shore.

The fish, gullible enough to go for a dead minnow, was covered with as much snow as the svelte boat worker with the Cheshire-cat grin.

There are other stories. Like the time he fetched an 8-pound brown trout that was caught on video. The day before, he believes, he landed the same trout, but it got loose after the weight of it bent back his fishing rod.

“It was like someone pulled a Tarzan on it,” he said. He returned to catch the brown the next day. “I’m sure it’s the same fish. Browns are very territorial.”

His glory speech on the video at having caught the elusive fish was interrupted with his wife, Annarose, declaring he was “soaking wet.”

And there lies a common theme with the couple’s fishing adventures and relationship. He likes to fish in bad weather, while she enjoys “to sit inside with a good book and a cup of tea,” and fish only on bright, sunny days.

“The right time for me is a blizzard,” he said. “To me, the fishing season is over.”

However, river fishing just opened Saturday.

Baking his fish in a “Caribbean jerk” marinade with dried onions, Salvador has a standard rule.

“If I can’t feed two, I don’t take it home,” he said.

And that’s OK with his wife. They don’t have to buy fish that often.

River fishing season open

• California Fish and Game stocked the east and west forks of the Carson River this week in what’s deemed the “most expensive planting week for Fish and Game hatcheries,” district spokesman Patrick Foy said.

• The limit allows for five fish a day, five in possession.

• The season opener prohibits fishing the tributaries such as Trout, Cold, Taylor and Cascade creeks until July 1.

• For the first time, Marlette Lake will be open to anglers July 15.