Folks in the news in our outdoor world |

Folks in the news in our outdoor world

Don Quilici

Don Hettrick and his son Tracee, who are both welders from Carson City, have warned Don Quilici that they plan to weld his little red pickup doors shut if they ever find it unattended. Geez, they don’t play fair! All he did was report the facts about their sadventures.

Richard Murphy of Douglas County, the Sierra Nevada Chapter Chairman of the Mule Deer Foundation (MDF), has announced that the 2nd annual MDF fund raiser will be held on Saturday evening, May 6 at the Carson Nugget.

Dennis Smith of Carson City wants to remind everyone of the 8th annual Tahoe Basin/Carson Valley Chapter of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation fund raiser at the Carson Nugget on Saturday, April 29. For ticket reservations, call Ed Quye at (530) 541-4283.

Archie Steele of Scotland has been visiting Dave and Marcia Bernard of Carson City. While here, he visited Don and Elaine Quilici, while wearing a wool sweater, knickers, long socks, tam and speaking in a thick Scottish dialect.