Former intern wants to get on with her life |

Former intern wants to get on with her life

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WASHINGTON – Focusing on her new role as a weight-loss spokeswoman, Monica Lewinsky says she hopes her involvement in the scandal that led to President Clinton’s impeachment trial becomes a shrinking historical footnote.

In an appearance Monday on CNN’s ”Larry King Live,” the former White House intern said she bears some responsibility for what happened to Clinton, but now she wants to put that part of here life behind her.

Ms. Lewinsky, 26, described herself as ”a young woman who had made some private mistakes and who is very sorry for those mistakes, but was also part of some other forces that she certainly couldn’t control.”

Her new role as a spokeswoman for the diet company Jenny Craig and her own weight-loss efforts were frequent topics during the interview.

Ms. Lewinsky steered away from questions concerning her feelings about former friend Linda Tripp, but she did mention first lady Hillary Clinton.

”I have a lot of personal remorse for what she’s gone through and I’m sure what their daughter, what Chelsea has gone through,” she said.

When asked about her lawyers and her remaining legal bills, Ms. Lewinsky became visibly uncomfortable, but she said she was thankful for the efforts that obtained her legal immunity.

”I am terribly, terribly grateful for all of the hard work that everybody put into this and there isn’t a feeling that that people shouldn’t be compensated,” she said.

She said she’s working with a therapist on several ”issues.”

”I feel like I’m on the right path now,” Ms. Lewinsky said in an interview published in the Monday editions of USA Today. ”I may not be where I want to end up, but at least I’m sort of on the right path, and that feels really good to me.”