Free fishing trips offered at sportsmen’s meeting |

Free fishing trips offered at sportsmen’s meeting

Don Quilici

The Ormsby Sportsmen’s Association (OSA) of Carson City, a local organization for hunters and fishermen, will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening, Oct. 16, at the Carson Nugget Convention Center.

The evening’s program will feature Chris and Jeri Grellman of Hog Charters of Sparks and Jim Hartfiel of Just Rite Fishing of Pyramid Lake, who specialize in sport fishing charters at Pyramid Lake.

They will present a combined program on the equipment and techniques Chris and Jim use to catch Lahontan Cutthroat Trout at that lake.

As part of the evening’s program, Hog Charters and Just Rite Fishing will each donate two free fishing trips at Pyramid Lake as raffle prizes to paid-up members of OSA, who must be present at the meeting.

All of the OSA meetings, functions and activities are family-oriented, free of charge and open to all club members and to anyone else who is interested in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, etc.

The annual membership dues are $5 for adults and $2 for youngsters under the age of 16.

For OSA information, call either current President Bob “Slick” McCulloch at 882-6810 or Past President LaNora Clyde at 841-5758.

For Pyramid Lake fishing information, call either Hog Charters in Sparks at 358-5199 or Just Rite Fishing at Pyramid Lake at (775) 813-3411 or Cutthroat Charters at the Pyramid Lake Store at (775) 476-0555.

Jim Hartfiel of Pyramid lake just rite fishing 775 813-3411