Friends and family remember late Mayor Robert Crowell |

Friends and family remember late Mayor Robert Crowell

Family, friends and colleagues of Carson City’s late Mayor Robert Crowell gathered at the Nevada Governor’s Mansion on Thursday to celebrate his life.

“We’re gathered here to say farewell, not goodbye. We are mourning at the same time we are giving thanks for his life. We are grieving and we are glad at the same time for what he left us here in Carson City,” said the Very Reverend Jeffery Paul, rector, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, who led the service.

Several speakers, including Sheriff Ken Furlong, law partner Steve Tackes, and former Carson City school’s superintendent Mary Pierczynski, spoke of working with Crowell.

“He was one of the most popular and well respected mayors of Carson City,” said Furlong. “You, Bob, have inspired so many. May you rest in peace.”

Pierczynski recalled Crowell’s seven-year tenure on the school board. “Bob was out there to do the hard job,” she said. “He had an ability to listen to people, to never put people down. He was a problem solver.”

Tackes called Crowell his mentor as well as law partner.

“He was probably the best business partner you could have,” Tackes said. “As an attorney, he was extremely skilled, a creative lawyer, solution oriented.”

Bill Crowell remembered when his brother helped bring the Boys & Girls Club to Carson City.

“He said ‘I’ve looked into this organization and it’s going to be good for our community,’” Bill Crowell recalled his brother telling him. “That judgment call is emblematic of my brother doing the right thing. When Bob was on point you might as well listen because it was good advice.”

Crowell’s son Bradley spoke last.

“My heart still very much aches with the loss of my father. I draw great comfort knowing that he’s at peace and that he’s here with us today,” he said.

Crowell passed away on Sept. 12 while serving his third and last term as Carson City mayor. He was born in Tonopah in 1945 and moved to Carson City when he was 8 years old. He was a retired U.S. Navy captain and Vietnam veteran as well as a retired lawyer.

The hour-long service ended with a two-bell ceremony for Crowell, who was a retired U.S. Navy captain, and a flag ceremony and gun salute by the honor guard from the Naval Air Station in Fallon.

Many others attended the Mayor Bob Crowell Celebration of Life Ceremony online where it was streamed and is available to view at