Galaxy to offer new policy for teens |

Galaxy to offer new policy for teens

Staff report

The Galaxy Fandango Theatre will start a new policy that will allow minors to go to weekend movies on without their parents.

Rafe Cohen, president of Sherman Oaks, Calf.-based Galaxy Theaters, said minors will be able to apply for a “Galaxy privilege pass” starting March 24.

The application will need the signature of a parent or guardian and require minors agree to follow “basic rules of common courtesy,” according to Cohen.

The passes, which can be suspended or revoked for bad behavior, will take effect April 1.

The theater had started a policy Feb. 15 that required minors to have a parent or guardian with them at movies after 6 p.m. on Friday and Saturdays.

A few teenagers had started fights or had been obnoxious during movies, General Manager Joe Williams has said, and the theater needed to do something about the situation.

Cohen said that contrary to a report by a Reno television station, the theater did not change its policy because of any complaints.