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Gardening Tips

Spider mites

Spider mite webbing on houseplants suggests humidity levels are too low. Mist the affected foliage and take steps to increase air moisture. A humidifier works well. Grouping plants together will also raise humidity levels. In addition, you can place pots on trays filled with gravel or river stones and water. The plants must sit above the water line and will still need watering.

Melting Ice

Ice-melting products containing magnesium or potassium chloride are less damaging to path-side plants and turf than more traditional calcium and sodium chloride salts. Avoid using fertilizers as ice-melting material because they pollute runoff into waterways. Salt should be used sparingly and evenly and is much more effective if laid before snow or freezing rain falls. On a mild winter’s day, thoroughly water plants and soil contaminated by salt, and repeat the measure in early spring.

– Source: The Washington Post