Goodness measured by how we treat others |

Goodness measured by how we treat others

Monte C. Fast
For the Nevada Appeal

My thoughts and prayers are totally immersed in the traumatic video coming into my home from a once beautiful place called Haiti. The destruction is unbelievable. The pictures do not lie.

The moments when a distraught family member or a helpful citizen passes by the television camera’s eye carrying an injured or even lifeless body of someone they knew, portray an even greater pain. 

But the dull and dry eyes of that squatting child just waiting for the next pain or horrific shock verify that there is something worse than a damaged or destroyed building. 

Jesus emphasized two commandments. First, “Love God,” and then like unto the first and equally important, “Love your neighbor.”

The measurement of our goodness is how we relate to each other. For that child, conscious relational connection to someone has faded into nothingness. There is no one to clasp it to a loving bosom.

I wish I had the health and means to go to that child. I wish I could bring it into my home and family. I wish I could hold it until it can begin to cry again.

What can I do? I will give some money. I will pray for the children of Haiti.

And I will do whatever I can for a local child.


• Monte C. Fast, is the retired executive director of F.I.S.H. and now serves of the board of directors of CASA, as well as being a member of the Carson City Ministerial Association.