Government agencies get refunds from treasurer |

Government agencies get refunds from treasurer

Appeal Capitol Bureau

Nevada Treasurer Kate Marshall said Tuesday her staff has found more than $118,000 in the unclaimed property fund, money that belongs to state agencies.

Marshall said she is reorganizing management of the fund in an attempt to return more of the money to its rightful owners. She said as part of that effort, she asked her staff to look for any unclaimed money belonging to state agencies. The result: 28 different agencies have unclaimed funds being held by the state, including the Insurance Division, Department of Taxation and Department of Motor Vehicles.

“I am excited to be able to give back to the citizens of Nevada what rightfully belongs to them,” she said. “It is amazing what little effort it takes to find this money.”

She said there is more than $200 million on the books and that residents throughout Nevada should check to see if they are owed any money from the unclaimed property fund.

“Any person, business or organization could have unclaimed property being held by my office, and the process for claiming it is relatively easy.”

She said one individual presented a claim this past week and took home a check for $543,152.

She said she has distributed unclaimed property lists to Nevada’s 17 county treasurers with outstanding results. She said one of them, Kathy Hiatt of Lincoln County, found her own name listed and is now filing to get her property back.

She said Treasurer La Cinda Elgan of Esmeralda County knew at least half of the people on her list.

To check whether you have unclaimed property in the state treasurer’s account, go to the Nevada State Treasurer’s Web site