Amendment would replace pardons board with clemency board |

Amendment would replace pardons board with clemency board

Sen. David Parks, D-Las Vegas, is calling for a constitutional amendment that would replace the pardons board with a clemency board.

Under existing law, the Pardons Board consists of the governor, attorney general and members of the Nevada Supreme Court.

Parks said he introduced the proposed amendment in 2009 and it passed unanimously by both houses. But when it returned for the second mandatory approval, he said he couldn’t get a committee hearing and the plan died.

Senate Joint Resolution 1 would replace the existing constitutional board with an appointed nine-member panel.

The governor, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Attorney General would each appoint three of the members.

The plan also requires at least five of those members have some experience working in the criminal justice system.

Like the existing board, the clemency board would have the power to grant pardons in all cases except treason and impeachments. The board would be required to meet at least quarterly.

ßTo reach the ballot, the proposal must be approved by two successive sessions of the Legislature.