Carson City Democratic County Convention: Sanders narrow caucus victory holds |

Carson City Democratic County Convention: Sanders narrow caucus victory holds

Carson City Democratic Convention

Precincts Caucus Delegates State Delegates

Clinton Sanders Clinton Sanders

101-113 24 26 8 9

201-211 18 23 6 8

301-309 21 16 7 5

401-411 20 21 7 7

Totals: 83 86 28 29

The Carson City Democratic County Convention went off without a hitch Saturday with none of the issues that plagued the March caucuses which were overwhelmed by an unexpected turnout.

And the results of those caucuses didn’t change even one delegate as Bernie Sanders eked out a narrow 29-28 delegate victory over Hillary Clinton in who goes to the state convention from Carson City.

Those caucuses picked 169 delegates to the county convention but as of the noon deadline, only about 120 showed up. The empty seats were quickly filled by willing alternates.

Carson Democratic Convention Chair Marty McGarry said as the convention started at 10 a.m. supporters of both Sanders and Clinton were solid backers of their choice and she didn’t expect anyone to switch allegiance. None did.

“There will be no realignment,” she said.

The process was completed before 2 p.m.

“We got it done,” said Drew List, precinct captain in Ward 2. “People thought Bernie wasn’t going to take Carson City and he won.”

Both he and Carol Lucey as well as Lucey’s son Griffin were chosen to go to the state convention in Las Vegas.

Lucey said she’s backing Bernie as she did Eugene McCarthy in 1968 and Paul Tsongas in 1992 (over Bill Clinton).

Mike Wahlberg said he too is a state delegate — for Clinton.

“I just think she has the right experience to lead our country,” he said. “She’s highly qualified.”

“It went very smoothly,” said McGarry. “I was very happy.”

Unlike the Republicans, she said Democrats “have a friend in either candidate.”

“Nobody here is going to vote for Trump,” she said.

The convention got a surprise visit form Catherine Cortez Masto, the former Nevada Attorney General running for Harry Reid’s U.S. Senate seat.

“I was flattered she considered us that important,” McGarry said.

Masto is running a tough campaign against Rep. Joe Heck in a primary field that totals 18 candidates.