Carson City District Attorney Rombardo won’t seek third term |

Carson City District Attorney Rombardo won’t seek third term

Neil Rombardo

District Attorney Neil Rombardo isn’t running for a third term.

“I want to thank the people I work with in the district attorney’s office,” he said in a news release Thursday. “They are an impressive team of professionals dedicated to making Carson City a better place.

“I also want to thank the voters of Carson City for giving me the opportunity to serve the community. It has been an honor to act as their district attorney for the last seven years.”

He said he has accomplished many of the things he set out to do and that “after a lengthy discussion with my children, I’ve concluded that there are more effective ways that I can serve my family and the community.”

He didn’t say what his plans are, but he said he intends to complete his term through the end of 2014, when his term ends, including prosecuting the five open murder cases working their way through the Carson City district courts.

Rombardo said his decision is best for his family. He has two children, both teenagers.

“I absolutely love the job, but I feel like it’s best for my family not to be on the campaign trail five-six days a week,” he stated.

He said prosecution of David Mitchell for murder in 2006 is one of his proudest accomplishments. That murder occurred in 1982 and was considered a “cold case” with little likelihood it would be solved.

Before his election as DA, Rombardo was a senior deputy in the Nevada Attorney General’s office.