Carson City elected officials sworn in to office |

Carson City elected officials sworn in to office

Carson City’s recently elected officials took the oath of office Tuesday.

District Court Judge James Russell swore in Mayor Robert Crowell and Supervisors John Barrette, Ward 4, and Brad Bonkowski, Ward 2; School Trustees Laurel Crossman, District 2, Michael Walker, District 5, and Joseph Cacioppo Jr. , District 7; and Treasurer Gayle Robertson.

Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Ali Banister and Deputy Chief of Juvenile Services Linda Lawlor, both appointed, also were sworn in.

The ceremony took place in the First Judicial District Court Department 1 courthouse.

“It’s my privilege and honor to swear in the elected officials and juvenile probation officers,” said Wilson. “I admire each of you who run for office. It’s not easy in today’s climate … I remind all of you that you serve all the citizens and not just those who voted for you.”

For Barrette, a retired Nevada Appeal reporter, it’s his first elected position in Carson City.

“It feels great. I am looking forward to it,” said Barrette after the ceremony.

Barrette said he’s covered government all his life, as a reporter here and in Lincoln, Neb.., where he also worked for a state senator and was appointed to the state parole board.

“I know what I’m getting in to which is why some people have asked me ‘Are you crazy?’” he said.

Walker is new to elected office, too.

The school trustee was an educator and administrator in Carson City and now works for the Nevada Department of Education on education for homeless children.

“I just want to make sure we have the best school system for our kids,” Walker said.

The job of chief juvenile probation officer is three generations old for Banister.

Her grandfather, Dan Murphy, and her mother, Shelia Banister, both held the position.

Banister’s father is Rob Banister, former Carson City sheriff.