Carson City Planning Commission approves extending Cinderlite permit |

Carson City Planning Commission approves extending Cinderlite permit

Nevada Appeal staff report

The Carson City Planning Commission on Wednesday voted to approve extending Cinderlite’s special use permit for another five years.

City ordinance requires special use permits be reviewed every five years. The permit was originally granted in 2004 for the company’s aggregate extraction operation — an open pit at the top of Goni Road near Carson City’s northern border.

The primary issue raised involves the damage Cinderlite trucks have done to Goni Road but Community Development Director Lee Plemel said there were no complaints about noise or dust from the operation.

Only one letter was received from a couple living in the neighborhood who questioned plans to reconstruct Goni Road at some point. Plemel said the original permit includes a condition requiring Cinderlite to split the cost of those repairs with the city when the city has the money for its share.

The letter also questioned the condition regarding blasting, which occured, Plemel said, only five or six times a year. He said the city doesn’t monitor the number of blasts or the noise levels they create. Air quality impacts from those activities, he said, are monitored by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. Plemel said the planning division has received no complaints about any such violations in the past five years.