Carson City Planning Commission approves special use permits |

Carson City Planning Commission approves special use permits

The Carson City Planning Commission Wednesday approved two special use permits (SUPs), and agreed to recommended ordinances and an annual Master Plan report to the Board of Supervisors at its final meeting of 2016.

The commission approved a five-year SUP for the Carson Nugget to place two, large metal containers in a parking lot at the corner of Spear and Stewart streets.

The containers are being moved from Robinson and Stewart streets, where they have overstayed their 90-day limit.

They contain slot machines and are periodically accessed by technicians, said Dean DiLullo, the Carson Nugget’s general manager.

Most of the discussion concerned the time period for the permit because the area is undergoing gentrification and a large hotel development on Stewart Street is in the works.

Two nearby residents spoke during public comment, voicing concerns about allowing an essentially industrial use in a neighborhood that’s now being revitalized.

DiLullo said the containers would be removed as soon as the land could be put to better use.

“I think the highest and best use for that area is coming and we’d love to develop that lot to match,” he said.

The lot was once used for RV parking for Nugget guests, but nearby residents complained so the Nugget moved its RV parking across the street, closer to the casino.

The staff recommendation was to allow an SUP that could be reviewed by the commission in five years.

The commission considered reducing that time period, but in the end approved the permit to expire in five years rather than review it.

The commission also approved an SUP to allow a single-family residence on property zoned retail commercial at 3140 East Nye Lane.

The commission recommended to the Board of Supervisors an ordinance to put an 180-day moratorium on applications for construction of marijuana establishments.

The regulations for recreational marijuana being prepared by the Nevada Department of Taxation may not be finalized until the end of 2017.

“We still don’t know a lot about it which is why we want a moratorium,” said Lee Plemel, director, Carson City Community Development.

The moratorium would not apply to medical marijuana establishments that have already received their certificates to operate in Carson City, and it could be extended by resolution for an additional 60 days.

The commission recommended to the board an ordinance to amend municipal code on signs to exempt certain off-premise electronic message signs owned by a college.

Western Nevada College is working to place an off-premise sign, possibly at the Save Mart Supermarket at the corner of Carson Street and College Parkway.

The commission also approved the Master Plan annual report, which includes recommendations to continue work on parking strategies for downtown.