Carson City residents want local businesses downtown |

Carson City residents want local businesses downtown

Nevada Appeal staff report

The results are in on Carson City’s survey about the type of businesses residents want to see downtown.

More than 450 people took the survey and by a margin of 2 to 1 they said they prefer locally owned businesses to national chains.

The first choice for type of business was specialty food store such as gourmet food store, cheese shop or fresh food market.

The second choice was book store, followed by gift store, women’s apparel, and hobby, toys and games.

In terms of restaurant offerings, survey respondents preferred affordable food choices.

The first choice was for a dessert shop, including ice cream store, followed by deli, and American came in third.

The city plans to use the survey in its efforts to recruit new businesses downtown.

Next, the city will soon post a survey on types of residential living the community would like to see in the downtown.

The downtown business results are available online at