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Haycock to retire from Nevada Public Employees Benefits Program

Damon Haycock, who has been executive director of the Public Employees Benefits Program for the past four years, has announced plans to retire from that position Jan. 1.

He said he will formally announce his decision at Thursday’s board meeting. Haycock, 43, said that after 15 years in public service, he plans to return to the private sector but that his exact plans haven’t yet been finalized.

“It was a hard decision to make but I realized I have done everything I can for PEBP and it is time for new leadership with new perspectives to take PEBP to the next level,” he said. “I trust the team in place to carry on the good things and look to improve the rest.”

“We’ve accomplished great things at PEBP,” hew said. “I’m proud of my steam, proud of our partners.”

Haycock said when he lands in the private sector, “I want to make sure I add value and that I am valued.”

“I’m sure it’s out there,” he said.

He emphasized that he wasn’t pushed out. He said one of his requirements is that he and his wife get to stay in Northern Nevada.

PEBP provides health insurance coverage for more than 26,000 state workers and their dependents for a total of some 70,000 people. The program’s total budget for the biennium is about $1.67 billion counting state funding and employee contributions.