Democrats maintain registration advantage over GOP in Nevada |

Democrats maintain registration advantage over GOP in Nevada

While total voter registration for both Republicans and Democrats fell in June, Democrats maintain a nearly 100,000 voter lead over the GOP in Nevada.

Among active voters, 530,752 Nevadans are registered Democrats, or 42.1 percent, compared with 432,824 Republicans, or 34.3 percent.

But the numbers show that the key group that will decide most statewide elections remains the more than 220,000 registered as nonpartisan, who make up 17.55 percent of the total.

The next-largest group is the Independent American Party, which claims 4.68 percent, or 58,931, of the state’s registered voters.

The remaining voters — just 1.3 percent of the total — belong to the other minor parties in the state, including the Libertarians and the Green Party.

June numbers list 1.26 million active voters in Nevada. That is down some 40,000 from January, primarily because of routine record maintenance that results in the removal of some names by county election officials throughout the state.

Because of that process, which affects all parties fairly equally, the number of registered Democrats dropped from 548,069 in January to 530,752 in June. The number of active registered Republicans went down from 447,500 to 432,824, while the number of nonpartisan voters on the rolls fell over the same six-month period from 228,713 to 221,216.

In Carson City, total registration decreased from 26,640 in January to 24,142 in June.

Douglas saw its active registration drop from 29,558 to 27,327, and Churchill County fell from 12,353 in January to 11,723 in June.

In addition, there are 141,726 inactive voters on the rolls. Those people can vote in upcoming elections but were listed as inactive because they didn’t return residency confirmation cards mailed to their homes.

When actives and inactives are totaled, there are just over 1.4 million Nevadans registered to vote as of the end of June.