DMV rolls out ‘smog spotters’ campaign |

DMV rolls out ‘smog spotters’ campaign

The Department of Motor Vehicles has rolled out its new “Smog Spotters” campaign designed to encourage drivers to report polluting vehicles they see on the roadways.

“Keeping Nevada’s air clean is a responsibility that falls to each of us and that’s the objective of the Smog Spotter program,” said DMV Director Troy Dillard.

He said polluting vehicles are not only bad for the environment but cause diseases in people.

He said since most polluting vehicle reports come from mobile devices, DMV has put up a toll-free number for the program: 844-363-7664. He said Smog Spotters also has a mobile-friendly website,

But Dillard reminded people texting while driving is illegal as is using a hand-held cell phone in a vehicle.

DMV gets about 10,000 smoking vehicle reports each year by phone, law enforcement and emails. Dillard said he hopes the new program will increase that number.

People turned in under the program get a notice to get the car fixed. But if the report comes from law enforcement or a DMV staff member, the notice directs the owner to present the vehicle at a DMV emissions lab.

Dillard said failure to comply can result in the vehicle registration being canceled.