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Election reform advocate at Carson City Dems luncheon

Nevada Appeal staff report

Doug Goodman, founder of Nevadans for Election Reform, will be the featured speaker at Monday’s luncheon sponsored by the Democratic Men’s Committee of Carson City.

Goodman’s group advocates for replacing primary elections with a ranked-choice system in which voters would select three candidates in order of preference. The candidate receiving the least votes would be eliminated from the count, with his or her preferences distributed to the other candidates, a process that would be repeated until one achieves a majority.

This event is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 28, in the banquet room of Carson City’s Round Table, on Retail Drive just off College Parkway.

These luncheons help to defer recurring expenses at Carson City’s Democratic HQ. Suggested donations of $5 or more gratefully accepted but aren’t required. All are welcome.

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