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End of filing: Hot Nevada races, no Carson City primaries

New daily filings are bolded and marked with an asterisk *

(I) indicates candidate is the incumbent

Secretary of State filings:

Assembly terms are two years. All other non-judicial offices are four-year terms.

U.S. Senate:

Kamau Bakari, IAP

Sherry Brooks, R

Danny Burleigh, D

Richard Charles, Independent

* Sarah Gazala, R.

Tim Hagan, L

Vic Harrell, R

Tom Heck, R

Dean Heller, R (I)

David Knight, D

* Bobby Mahendra, D

Barry Michaels, Independent

Allen Rheinhart, D

Jacky Rosen, D

Jesse Sbaih, D

Congress District 2:

Vance Alm, D

Mark Amodei, R (I)

Sharron Angle, R

*Joel Beck, R

Patrick Fogarty, D

*Jesse Hurley, D

Clint Koble, D

Ian Luetkehans, R

*Jack Schofield Jr., D

Rick Shepherd, D

Congress District 4:

John Anzalone, D

David Gibbs, R

Cresent Hardy, R

Steven Horsford, D

Greg Luckner, L

*Warren Markowitz, IAP

Dean McGonigle, Independent

Jeff Miller, R

*Mike Monroe, R

*Rodney Smith, Independent

*Pat Spearman, D

*Allison Stephens, D

Bill Townsend, R

Amy Vilela, D

*Kenneth Wegner, R

Sid Zeller, R


Russell Best, IAP

*John Bonaventura, D

William “Bill” Boyd, R

Ryan Bundy, Independent

*Stephanie Carlisle, R

Frederick Conquest, R

Asheesh Dewan, D

*Edward Dundas, R

Jared Fisher, R

Chris Giunchigliani, D

David Jones, D

Adam Laxalt, R

Jared Lord, L

Stan Lusak, R

Dan Schwartz, R

Steve Sisolak, D

Henry Thorns, D

Lt. Governor:

*Laurie Hansen, D

Janine Hansen, IAP

Engene Hoover, R

Brent Jones, R

Scott LaFata, R

Kate Marshall, D

Gary Meyers, R

Michael Roberson, R

*Ed Uehling, Independent

Secretary of State:

Ernest Aldridge, R

Nelson Araujo, D

Barbara Cegavske, R (I)


Bob Beers, R

*Zach Conine, D

Bill Hoge, IAP

Andrew Martin, D

Derek Uehara, R


Catherine Byrne, D

Ron Knecht, R (I)

Attorney General:

Wes Duncan, R

Aaron Ford, D

Joel Hansen, IAP

Stuart MacKie, D

Craig Mueller, R

State Senate District 14:

*Wendy Boszak, D

Ira Hansen, R

Thomas Kennedy, Independent

Senate District 16:

Tina Davis-Hersey, D

Ben Kieckhefer, R (I)

*Gary Schmidt, R

*John Wagner, IAP

State Senate District 17:

*Curtis Cannon, D

James Settelmeyer, R (I)

Assembly District 32:

Tom Fransway, R

Alexis Hansen, R

Patty Povilaitis, D

Assembly District 33:

John Ellison, R (I)

Chris J. Johnson, R

Assembly District 36:

Joseph Bradley, R

Dennis Hof, R

James Oscarson, R (I)

Lesia Romanov, D

Assembly District 38:

Robin Titus, R (I)

Assembly District 39:

Patricia Ackerman, D

Paul Cwalina, L

Jim Wheeler, R (I)

Assembly District 40:

Al Kramer, R (I)

Autumn Zemke, D

Board of Regents District 9:

Carol Del Carlo, R (I)

Carson City offices

All Carson elective offices are nonpartisan and four year terms.

School District Trustee District 1:

Lupe Ramirez

School District Trustee District 3:

Staci Wilke-McCulloch (I)

School District Trustee District 4:

Richard Varner

School Trustee District 6:

Donald Carine (I)


David Dawley (I)


Aubrey Rowlatt

District Attorney:

Jason Woodbury (I)


Ken Furlong (I)

Lorne Houle


Gayle Robertson (I)

Board of Supervisors Ward 1:

Stacey Giomi

John Wood

Board of Supervisors Ward 3:

Lori Bagwell (I)

The landscape of the U.S. Senate contest changed dramatically on Friday after Danny Tarkanian, the strongest primary challenger to incumbent Republican Dean Heller’s re-election, announced he would file for the open Congressional District 3 seat instead and he did just that, filing in Las Vegas.

While there are several hotly contested races including Senate at the statewide level this election season, it’s a different story in Carson City’s races.

First, there will be no June primary contests for Carson offices because no race has more than two candidates.

And, in November, there will be just three contested races: Justice of the Peace, Sheriff and Ward 1 Supervisor.

In the JP race to replace the retiring John Tatro, former juvenile master and assistant DA Kristin Luis faces veteran Carson City lawyer Ryan Russell.

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong faces Lorne Houle in his bid for another term in that office and former Carson City Fire Chief Stacey Giomi faces John Wood in the Ward 1 contest for the Board of Supervisors. Incumbent Karen Abowd decided not to seek re-election.

But Assessor Dave Dawley, DA Jason Woodbury, Treasurer Gayle Robertson, Supervisor Lori Bagwell and Aubrey Rowlatt, who’s running for Clerk-Recorder, face no opposition. As of the close of filing at 5 p.m., they’re effectively elected.

There’s no shortage of candidates for major offices in the state. Even without Tarkanian in the mix, there are a 14 people who want to take away Dean Heller’s Senate seat. There are nine candidates seeking the Congressional District 2 seat currently held by Mark Amodei and 16 for the CD3 seat vacated by Jacky Rosen who’s running for U.S. Senate. Tarkanian filed in Las Vegas since CD3 is entirely within Clark County.

The most crowded race is the battle to succeed the termed-out Gov. Brian Sandoval. There 17 people have filed.

On the Democratic side, there are six including the two Clark County Commissioners regarded as frontrunners in the June primary — Chris Giunchigliani and Steve Sisolak. Among the eight Republicans who want to be governor are front-runners Attorney General Adam Laxalt and State Treasurer Dan Schwartz. The list also includes IAP candidate Russell Best, Libertarian Jared Lord and independent Ryan Bundy.

Among the state’s constitutional offices, only Controller Ron Knecht escapes having to run in the primary. His lone opponent is Democrat Catherine Byrne.

In Nevada’s multi-county legislative races, just one incumbent is unopposed: Republican Robin Titus of Wellington.

Incumbent Regent Carol Del Carlo also has no opposition in her District 9 School Board race.