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Judge refuses Nevada’s bid for plutonium injunction

Scott Sonner
Associated Press

RENO — A federal judge has denied Nevada’s initial request to block the shipment of weapons-grade plutonium that the Energy Department has revealed already occurred months ago.

The judge in Reno is now considering a new plea from Nevada for another injunction to prevent any further shipments from South Carolina to a site north of Las Vegas.

Nevada’s attorney general is asking Judge Miranda Du to schedule a status hearing Monday on the growing controversy.

Gov. Steve Sisolak says the state is considering seeking a contempt of court order after he says the government lied about the transfer of the plutonium.

Energy Department officials say they had to keep the shipment secret until now for national security reasons.

Deputy Attorney General Marta Adams says in a new affidavit Justice Department lawyers assured her no shipment would occur before Jan. 21.