Lawmakers saw pay cut Friday |

Lawmakers saw pay cut Friday

Nevada’s 63 lawmakers took a pay cut Friday as the session passed its 60th day.

Under the state constitution, legislators are only paid their salary for the first 60 days of any regular session. Friday was day 61.

That means they are no longer receiving the $146.29 a day.

That amount works out to $8,777.40 for this legislative session.

Legislative salaries are tied to pay raises given to state workers in general. Since there have been no state pay raises during the recession, the rate has been $146.29 for more than half a decade now.

But that doesn’t mean they’re working for nothing since, on top of salary, lawmakers receive per diem to cover the expense of being in Carson City and, for most members, of not being paid for their regular jobs. That daily expense check is particularly important for the nearly three-quarters of lawmakers who live in southern Nevada and, during session, have to rent a residence.

Per diem for this session is $148 a day and lasts the length of the 120 day session, a total of $17,760.

If Legislators are called into special session after the end of the 120 day regular session, they again receive their salaries for a maximum of 20 days. They also receive the per diem amount for the duration of any special session even if it goes beyond 20 days.