Laxalt raises $1.9M for race; $67,000 from California |

Laxalt raises $1.9M for race; $67,000 from California

Cy Ryan
Special to the Appeal

Editor’s Note: This story has been corrected to relect Adam Laxalt’s campaign has raised $1.9 million.

Attorney General Adam Laxalt, the odds-on favorite to win the Republican nomination for governor, collected $1.9 million in contributions during the first four and one half months of the year without putting a penny of his own money in the coffers.

Laxalt has $1.2 million more than the combined contributions of his seven challengers. Campaign records in the Secretary of State’s office show more than 110 companies and individuals each contributed $10,000. The 104 page report shows hundreds donated money with most of the contributors coming from Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno and Lake Tahoe.

His campaign staff didn’t stop in Nevada but reached out across the nation for donations in such states as Virginia, Utah, Arizona and California.

The attorney general at campaign rallies, has raised the unwelcome subject of Nevada turning into an image of California. And participants have yelled “No” or groaned. But that hasn’t stop Laxalt from seeking campaign contributions from companies and individuals in California.

He has received more than $67,000 from 28 firms or individuals in the neighboring state. There are $10,000 contribution from Silver State International in Stockton; $20,000 from Elissa Czuker of Beverly Hills and $10,000 each from Cline Cellars Inc. and the Mispah Hotel, both located at the same address in Sonoma. Others included Dr. Jeffrey R. Gunter of Lancaster and Linx Card Inc. of Walnut Creek. He hasn’t said whether he will support giving tax breaks to California companies that expand or move from California.

In contrast to some of his other opponents, Laxalt hasn’t contributed to his own campaign, according to the financial reports.

Jared Fisher, who owns a bike and tour business in Las Vegas has reported contributions of $181,778 of which more than $100,000 came out of his own pocket. Fisher rode a bike twice around Nevada on his campaign to meet people and urged support. He has collected money from 91 companies and individuals.

State Treasurer Dan Schwartz pledged in his campaign he wouldn’t seek donations from lobby groups. His report shows he received $66,252 in contributions from January to mid-May. Of that, $60,000 came out of his income. He listed five contributors.

Candidate Stephanie Carlisle of Las Vegas received $5,700 in her report. She personally donated $2,000 to the campaign.

Frederick Conquest of Las Vegas said in his campaign report he collected $5,000, all from his own pocket. Edward Dundas of Las Vegas didn’t collect any donations and didn’t spend any money, according to his report.

The secretary of state’s website didn’t contain any campaign reports from Stan Lusak of Las Vegas or William “Bill” Boyd of Virginia City.

One of Laxalt’s biggest contributors appears to be four Las Vegas companies identified as Belagrasco, involved in real estate, investments, aviation, transportation and home design. They contributed more than $35,000. And their address is 4471 Dean Martin Drive.

The Sands Expo and Convention Center and the Las Vegas Sands, both owned by Sheldon Adelson, each chipped in an estimated $20,000. Casino Fandango in Carson City gave $7,500. Peter Castleman of Incline Village at Lake Tahoe donated $20,000. Meow Consulting and Meow LLC, both of Las Vegas both contributed $10,000. Steven and Marilee Hamilton of Washoe Valley each shelled out $10,0000.

Contributions came from other states. Comer Oyster House and Pere Antoine, both of New Orleans each gave $10,000. Other $10,000 contributions came from Michael Falcone of Syracuse; Phillip Purcell of Park City, Utah and Rex and Jeanne Singerfield of St. Louis. And Catherine and Cal Kendick of Paradise Valley in Arizona each contributed $10,000.

David Ensign of Las Vegas gave $10,000. So did former state Senator Mark James of Las Vegas and Anthony Toli of Mesquite.

Laxalt reported spending $729,864 in the four and one-half months of the year.