Major Legislature changes expected; few primary races |

Major Legislature changes expected; few primary races

Candidates are in alphabetical order, (I) means incumbent.

Multi-County and Statewide Races

U.S. Senate:

Sharron Angle, Reno, Republican

D’Nese Davis, Las Vegas, Republican

Tony Gumina, Las Vegas, Independent

Eddie Hamilton, Las Vegas, Republican

Joe Heck, Las Vegas, Republican

Thomas Heck, Las Vegas, Republican

Tom Jones, Las Vegas, Independent American

Robert Leeds, Las Vegas, Republican

Bobby Mahendra, Las Vegas, Democrat

Catherine Cortez Masto, Las Vegas, Democrat

Susan O’Briant, Las Vegas, Democrat

Carlo Poliak, Las Vegas, Republican

Juston Preble, Henderson, Republican

Allen Reinhart, Las Vegas, Democrat

Tom Sawyer, Las Vegas, Independent

Bill Tarbell, Sparks, Republican

G.A. Villa, Las Vegas, Independent

Jarrod Williams, Sparks, Independent

Congressional District 2:

Vance Alm, Reno, Democrat

Mark Amodei, Carson City, Republican (I)

Chip Evans, Reno, Democrat

John Everhart, Carson City, Independent American

Drew Knight, Carson City, Independent

Rick Shepherd, Sparks, Democrat

Congressional district 4:

Morse Arberry, Las Vegas, Democrat

Steve Brown, Las Vegas, Libertarian

Brandon Casutt, Las Vegas, Democrat

Lucy Flores, North Las Vegas, Democrat

Cresent Hardy, Mesquite, Republican (I)

Ruben Kihuen, Las Vegas, Democrat

Susie Lee, North Las Vegas, Democrat

Mike Little, Las Vegas, Independent American

Mike Monroe, Las Vegas, Republican

Dan Rolle, Las Vegas, Democrat

Mike Schaefer, Las Vegas, Democrat

Rodney Smith, North Las Vegas, Democrat

Wayne Villines, Republican

State Senate District 19:

Pete Goicoechea, Eureka, Republican (I)

Janine Hansen, Elko, Independent American

State Assembly District 32:

Ira Hansen, Sparks, Republican (I)

State Assembly District 33:

John Ellison, Republican (I)

State Assembly District 36:

James Oscarson, Republican, Pahrump (I)

Dennis Hof, Libertarian, Crystal,

Rusty Stansberry, Las Vegas, Republican

Tina Trenner, Las Vegas, Republican

State Assembly District 38:

Wendy Cochran, Silver Springs, Independent

George Dini, Yerington, Democrat

Justin Smith, Fallon, Independent American

Robin Titus, Wellington, Republican (I)

State Assembly District 39:

Alexander Dunn, Carson City, Independent

Jim Wheeler, Minden, Republican (I)

State Assembly District 40:

Chris Forbush, Carson City, Republican

Michael Greedy, Carson City, Democrat

Sam England, Reno, Republican

Al Kramer, Carson City, Republican

P.K. O’Neill, Carson City, Republican (I)

John Wagner, Carson City, Independent American

Board of Regents District 8:

Cathy McAdoo, Elko

Board if Regents District 9 (Two year term only):

Carol Del Carlo, Incline Village

Sara Lafrance, Incline Village

Board of Regents District 11:

Jason Geddes, Reno (I)

Board of Education District 2:

David Carter, Carson City

Pat Hickey, Reno

Board of Education District 4:

Len Marciano, North Las Vegas

Mark Newburn, Las Vegas

Carson City Races


Gayle Robertson (I)


Jerry Cinani

Bob Crowell (I)

Kurt Meyer

Supervisor Ward 2:

Brad Bonkowski (I)

Maurice White

Supervisor Ward 4:

John Barrette

Jim Shirk (I)

School board District 2:

Laurel Crossman (I)

School board district 5:

Steve Reynolds (I)

Michael Walker

Schoool Board District 7:

Joe Cacioppo (I)

Washoe County Races

Senate District 13:

Kent Bailey, Republican

Samantha Brockeslby, Republican

Brandon Jacobs, Libertarian

Julia Ratti, Democrat

Senate District 15:

David Colborne, Libertarian

Heidi Gansert, Republican

Eugene Hoover, Republican

Devon Reese, Democrat

Assembly District 24:

Amber Joiner, Democrat (I)

Jim Riger Sr. Republican

Assembly District 25:

Clint Jamison, Republican

Kime King, Republican

Allen Smith, Dmeocrat

Jennifer Terhune, Republican

Jill Tolles, Republican

Assembly District 26:

Lisa Krasner, Republican

Jason Guinasso, Republican

Assembly District 27:

Teresa Benitez-Thompson (I)

Bonnie Weber, Reno, Reno, Republican

Assembly District 30:

Lauren Scott, Republican

Michael Sprinkle (I)

Assembly District 31:

Skip Daly, Democrat

Jill Dickman, Republican (I)

Clark County Congressional Races

Congressional District 1:

Kamau Bakari, Independent American

Louis Baker, Republican

Patrick Boylan, Democrat

Stephanie Carlisle, Republican

Freddy Horne, Republican

Gary Johnson, Republican

Jeffrey Miller, Republican

Mary Perry, Republican

Jose Solario, Democrat

Dina Titus, Democrat (I)

Congressional District 3:

Kerry Bowers, Republican

Michele Fiore, Republican

David Goosen, Independent

Sami Khal, Republican

Warren Markowitz, Independent American

Andrew Matthews, Republican

Barry Michaels, Democrat

Michael Roberson, Republican

Jacklyn Rosen, Democrat

Jesse Sbaih, Democrat

Steven Schiffman, Democrat

Alex Singer, Democrat

Danny Tarkanian, Republican

Annette Teijeiro, Republican

Neil Waite, Democrat

The 2016 election is expected to bring dramatic changes to the make-up of the Nevada Legislature.

There are two factors in play.

First, the Republican wave in 2014 installed conservative GOP lawmakers in districts that have Democratic voter majorities. With a much larger Democratic voter turnout expected this year, political observers expect the party to reclaim enough of those seats to flip control of the Assembly back to Democrats and possibly the state Senate as well.

Second, Tea Party candidates are challenging incumbent Republicans over their support for Gov. Brian Sandoval’s education budget and the $1.3 billion worth of taxes approved to pay for it.

The elections also could result in two more Senate vacancies. Republican Majority Leader Michael Roberson and Democrat Ruben Kihuen are both running for Congress. If they lose, they each have two more years on their Senate term. If they win, those seats will be filled by appointment.

One of those seats is Carson City’s Assembly District 40 where incumbent Republican P.K. O’Neill has drawn five opponents, three of them Republicans who will face him in the primary.

Sam England, of Reno, is in the race as is fellow Republican Chris Forbush, who filed just before 5 p.m. Friday. But longtime former Carson City Treasurer Al Kramer is considered O’Neill’s biggest threat.

O’Neill has incumbency on his side along with support from a hefty block of state workers who, as part of that controversial tax package, got their first raises in nearly a decade.

Also, Independent American candidate John Wagner is expected to draw off some of those anti-tax voters.

Kramer is well known after 20 years as Carson City’s elected treasurer and has a strong reputation among conservatives.

The remaining candidate in the race is Democrat Michael Greedy.

After AD40, there are only a few primary races on the June 14 ballot for western Nevada voters.

The biggest is the statewide race to claim retiring U.S. Senator Harry Reid’s seat. There are 18 candidates — including, at the last minute, Sharron Angle — so there will be a primary in both major parties. The odds-on front runners are Democrat — and former Attorney General — Catherine Cortez Masto and Rep. Joe Heck, R-Nev.

Also on Carson City’s primary ballot will be the Democratic contenders who want to unseat Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev, in Nevada’s District 2.

Vance Alm and Chip Evans of Reno along with Rick Shepherd of Sparks have all filed. Evans, former Washoe Democratic Central Committee Chairman, has Reid’s endorsement. Although no Democrat has ever won that seat since it’s creation in 1981, Evans said the demographics of CD2 are changing as more and more people move to the Reno area from out of state.

“The people coming in are largely not rural people,” he said adding it’s shifting the area more toward the middle away from the right.

Shepherd said he used to be Republican but the party moved away from his beliefs. He also criticized Amodei’s work ethic saying he has one of the House’s worst voting records.

Also, John Everhart is running as an Independent American and Drew Knight as a non-partisan candidate.

Anti-tax candidates are also challenging incumbent Republicans Stephen Silverkraus in District 29, Derek Armstrong in District 21 and David Gardner in District 9. All three, like O’Neill, backed the education funding tax package.

A number of legislative seats are open this time for a variety of reasons.

Assemblymen Pat Hickey and Randy Kirner, both south Reno Republicans, decided not to run again; in significant part because of protests over their support for the tax package. There are five contenders for Hickey’s AD25 seat, four of them Republicans. Two Republicans are vying to replace Kirner.

Senate District 13 incumbent Debbie Smith of Sparks died in February after more than a year-long battle with brain cancer and District 15 incumbent Greg Brower decided not to run again.

In District 15, former Assembly Minority Leader Heidi Gansert is considered the favorite at this point but longtime Reno businessman Eugene Hoover is mounting a strong primary challenge. The winner will face Democrat Devon Reese in the general election.

Gansert, who also is a former chief of staff to Gov. Brian Sandoval, has been criticized for refusing to say whether she would have supported Sandoval’s tax hikes and for not resigning her position as Director of External Relations at University of Nevada, Reno to run.

Also, in play is District 6 in Las Vegas where appointed Republican Mark Lipparelli decided not to run. The district has a nearly 3,000 Democratic voter registration advantage. Also with a Democratic registration edge is the District 18 seat of Republican Scott Hammond.

Even a single victory over a Republican-held Senate seat would flip the 11-10 upper house from “R” to “D.”

Two open seats are those now held by Assembly Republicans Victoria Seaman and Erven Nelson, both of whom are running for Lipparelli’s Senate seat. Seaman’s District 34 seat has a solid Democratic registration advantage and was expected to return to that party’s control this cycle.

Nelson’s seat is Republican by registration and Artemus Ham, part of a well-known Las Vegas family, is the favorite.

The Assembly flipped from a 27-15 Democrat advantage to 25-17 Republican advantage in the 2014 election.

The elections also could result in two more Senate vacancies. Republican Majority Leader Michael Roberson and Democrat Ruben Kihuen are both running for Congress. If they lose, they each have two more years on their Senate term. If they win, those seats will be filled by appointment

In Carson City races, only one has a primary. Mayor Bob Crowell, who was unopposed until a few hours before the close of filing, drew three last minute opponents: Jerry Cinani, Kurt Meyer and Chris Carver.

The primary election is June 14. The general election is set for Nov. 8.