More than 1.1 million registered for primary vote |

More than 1.1 million registered for primary vote

More than 1.1 million Nevadans are listed as registered to vote in the June 10 primary elections.

That is the roll of active voters, according to the Secretary of State’s office. When inactive voters are added in, the total rises to 1.4 million. Inactive voters are those who either didn’t vote in the last two elections or who failed to respond to a survey card mailed out by their county clerks — often because they moved.

Secretary of State Ross Miller said the total list of active voters is up by 94,714 compared to the 2012 primary election.

On the active list, 470,973 are Democrats and 407,084 Republicans. By far, the next biggest category is those registered nonpartisan — 204,488.

Just 55,245 are Independent Americans and 8,749 Libertarians. All others make up just 7,163 voters.

Altogether, that makes a total of 1,153,522 active voters.

In Carson City, there are 25,095 active voters, 8,196 Democrats and 11,128 Republicans with 3,970 nonpartisans.

The GOP edge is more pronounced in Douglas County where Republicans registered 15,020 residents, more than double the 7,104 Democrats. Lyon County has a similar pattern with 13,811 Republicans compared to 7,832 Democrats.

The registration gap is even wider in Churchill, which has 2,628 registered Democrats, just over a third the 6,622 Republicans.