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Nevada Assembly District 40

Michael L. Greedy

Michael L. Greedy

Party: Democrat

Occupation: Retired state employee

Age: 72

Contact: 775-883-0854;;

Record of service: Nevada state employee, 1985-2004; various investor-owned public utility employments, 1974-1985; San Jose, CA, Model Cities program, 1973-1974; miscellaneous, 1972-1974; US Air Force, 1967-1972.

Education: B. A. in Economics, 1967, California State University, Fullerton

A brief statement about your platform

Answering the telephone and emails; lobbying for constituents’ interests; careful evaluation of proposals; concern about today’s decisions affecting tomorrow’s life; adequate educational funding especially for community colleges; access for safety-net services: addiction, mental and physical.

What’s the biggest issue facing the state of Nevada for the 2017 session?

Keeping with tradition, the biggest issue is the budget. The budget states the program priorities for Nevada. Nevada’s budget begins with the “Governor’s budget” which the legislature reviews. Generally, the Governor’s budget becomes the adopted budget.

The proposed expenditures will be compared with the expected (tax) revenues. Programs have constituents which will be lobbying for program inclusion in the budget. Education funding will be at the head of the class followed by proposed changes in safety net programs likely to include Medicaid. These discussions can be quite detailed.

Other issues may include the PERS program, employee wages and salaries, guardianship reforms, mandatory reporting requirements, water wells and the state water engineer, the property tax schema and add your favorite issue to this list.

What legislation would you draft to better the lives of Carson City residents?

Carson City and Nevada lives would be better with community-based store-front drop-in centers for the homeless, drug-addicts and the mentally and physically ill. These centers should provide alternative therapeutic drugs, if necessary needle exchanges, suicide interventions, emergency mental health interventions, acceptance of abuse reports and comprehensive referrals for safety-net programs. These centers can be manned by licensed social workers but could be manned by trained volunteers.

Nevada is beginning this concept with social workers at schools which allows earlier societal interventions in children’s lives thus removing social problems from the class room.

Alvin ‘Al’ P. Kramer

Party: Republican

Occupation: Retired

Age: 68

Contact: 775-721-5865;

Record of Service: Almost 5 years as a Military Intelligence Officer in the US Army, 13 months in Korea; 15 years in accounting, purchasing or data processing working in corporate America; 5 years working for State of Nevada including over 2 years as Deputy State Treasurer; 20 years services as the elected Carson City Treasurer

Education: Graduated high school in Fernley, Nevada; BS Degree from BYU in Business, Accounting, Economics and Statistics; MBA from Claremont Graduate School

A brief statement about your platform

My emphasis is that I want there to be jobs for people living in Nevada. I want a business friendly environment with the taxes and regulations known or foreseen with as few unknowns as possible. Nevada should be a place where existing businesses will seek to expand and out of state firms will see us as a desirable place to expand to or perhaps relocate. Our school systems, including college and universities, need to be able to train our workers for the jobs being developed. Also, I want to ensure that Nevada provides transparency in government. The citizens should know what is going to happen before it actually happens.

What’s the biggest issue facing the state of Nevada for the 2017 session?

Work is being planned to change the funding formula for higher education. More of the higher ed dollar needs to end up in the community college classroom. Workforce development is a major part of providing workers for the new generation of jobs coming to Nevada. The high cost of a college degree can be mitigated if the colleges are more fully utilized.

What legislation would you draft to better the lives of Carson City residents?

None planned at this time.

John Wagner

Party: Independent American Party

Occupation: Retired

Age: 81

Record of service: I was in the Army 1957 – 1958.

Education: I attended Sacramento State University and received a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering.

A brief statement about your platform

The Republicans have betrayed the American People again. Led by Speaker Paul Ryan, the House passed a $1.1 trillion tax bill that no one had time to read. It funds Planned Parenthood and the immigration of Muslim terrorists with local governments required to provide for their welfare. It also funds Obama’s amnesty. Many people have left the Republican Party, including Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham.

What’s the biggest issue facing the state of Nevada for the 2017 session?

How long will it take the American People to get fed up with the Republicans and the Democrats? It makes no difference who is in power. Both parties in Nevada raised taxes and gave tax breaks to a Chinese company to build a car that may never be built. Neither major party is Pro-Life or Pro-Family. The Republicans removed their Pro-Life and Pro-Family Platform Planks in 2014.

It is time for people to consider changing parties and joining the Independent American Party (IAP). Check out our Party platform at

The big issue for the 2017 Legislature is taxes. The last Session the Legislature passed the biggest tax increase in the history of the State. The Commerce Tax (Margins Tax) was voted down by the voters in 2014 but we have it anyway. The Modified Business tax is an employee head tax that makes employers hiring new employees undesirable.

What legislation would you draft to better the lives of Carson City residents?

I would sponsor a bill to strengthen the Castle Doctrine to protect citizens that have to use deadly force to defend themselves. Nevada law does protect against prosecution but does not protect against civil suites. You can defend yourself in your own home and be subjected to a civil suit.