Ford looks to protect Teen Pregnancy Prevention program |

Ford looks to protect Teen Pregnancy Prevention program

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau
Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford

Attorney General Aaron Ford has filed a brief supporting the multi-state challenge to changes in the federal Teen Pregnancy Prevention grants program.

The Department of Health and Human Services changed the focus of that program to “abstinence-only education” rather than evidence based programs that have been shown to be effective.

Planned Parenthood brought the lawsuit that has now been joined by 20 attorneys general including Ford.

The program has provided nearly $1 billion for state, local and community programs since 2010, focusing efforts on communities considered the most vulnerable in an effort to reduce the physical and medical risks of teenage pregnancy.

In addition, Ford has joined 25 other states in urging the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau to fully implement regulations designed to protect consumers from abuses in payday lending, vehicle title lending and other such products.

The rule was put into effect a year ago but compliance was delayed to give lenders time to comply. Now the Bureau wants another delay and is considering a rule that would rescind the regulations.

He said the rule imposes common sense requirements on lenders to ensure borrowers have the ability to repay loans. He said 20 percent of payday loans result in a default along with 33 percent of auto title loans.