Nevada fourth graders improve in math but overall results not good |

Nevada fourth graders improve in math but overall results not good

Although the Nevada Department of Education is touting improvements in math scores by fourth grade students over the past two years, overall scores for math and reading in a national study are still abysmal.

The scores were compiled in the biennial National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) that was released last week.

The department pointed out fourth grade math scores increased by 4 percent from 2017. But even with that increase, just 34 percent of those students were ranked as proficient or better for their grade level.

In reading, just 31 percent were rated as proficient. That is the same as two years ago.

In science, that percentage drops to 24 and in writing skills, to 18 percent.

The numbers were less encouraging for eighth graders where just 26 percent in math, 29 percent in reading and 27 percent in science were rated as proficient. Those numbers are one or two points lower than they were in 2017.

Superintendent of Education Jhone Ebert said she was encouraged by the growth by fourth graders in math proficiency.

But, she said, “it is clear that we have an achievement gap and that these gaps need to be addressed now.”

Nearly 13,000 students from 224 Nevada schools participated in the digital assessment.

According to NAEP, the students were rated in two levels of achievement — basic performance and proficient/above proficient. Basic indicates partial mastery while proficient indicates solid performance and competence over subject matter.