Nevada Gov. Sandoval promotes ‘Denim Day’ |

Nevada Gov. Sandoval promotes ‘Denim Day’

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

Gov. Brian Sandoval is encouraging all Nevadans to participate in Denim Day.

The annual event is a campaign against sexual assault and sexual violence and a demonstration of support for victims of those crimes scheduled for Wednesday.

He said he and his administration has supported Denim Day for several years.

Denim Day is social statement that stems from the 1999 case in Italy where a court blamed a young woman who was sexually assaulted because she was wearing tight jeans. Italian elected officials responded by wearing jeans in protest of that decision and denim has since become a symbol of the need to prevent sexual assault.

“Wearing jeans may be a small step for many but it means the world to so many others,” said Sandoval.

Participants are invited to submit their pictures and join the conversation on Twitter by following #DenimDayNV or #DenimDay18.