Nevada jobless below 3 percent in multiple counties, below 4 percent statewide |

Nevada jobless below 3 percent in multiple counties, below 4 percent statewide

Geoff Dornan |

Nevada’s unemployment rate dipped below 3 percent in counties including Reno/Washoe County where the rate finished September at 2.9 percent.

And Reno wasn’t alone. Elko and Humboldt were at 2.7 percent, Eureka at 2.5 percent and White Pine at 2.6 percent.

September unemployment rates declined over the past 12 months in every reporting area except Eureka, which is well below 3 percent and Esmeralda where the rate is 4.8 percent, one of the state’s highest.

The highest county rate is Nye where unemployment is at 5.1 percent.

Carson City reported just 3.6 percent or 955 jobless in a labor pool of 26,779. Carson has added 100 jobs over the month, primarily government jobs that make up just over 10,000 total jobs in the capital. Carson has added 1,100 jobs since September 2018.

Washoe County’s 2.9 percent unemployment rate translates to 7,836 without work in a labor force of 267,694.

Statewide, the raw jobless rate dipped below 4 percent in September, finishing the month at just 3.8 percent. According to statistics from the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, there were just 59,100 people looking for work in a total labor force of 1.56 million.

The seasonally adjusted rate remained at 4.1 percent.

Over the past year, Nevada has gained 45,200 jobs making it the nation’s fastest growing state. Nationally, employment growth is at 1.4 percent compared to 3.2 percent in Nevada. The state has now led the nation in the rate of growth for 12 straight months.

Douglas County is also doing well, dropping from 5 percent in January to just 3.4 percent in September. Douglas reported 798 people seeking work in a pool of 23,680.

Churchill County was at just 3.3 percent unemployment. There were 358 job seekers there in a labor force of 10,955.

Lyon County, while higher than the western Nevada reporting areas at 4.4 percent, was doing far better than the 6.3 percent unemployment rate the county reported in January. Lyon has 23,562 workers and 1,025 seeking work.