Nevada lawmakers hear bill to seal low-level pot convictions |

Nevada lawmakers hear bill to seal low-level pot convictions

Ryan Tarinelli
Associated Press

Supporters of a bill seeking to streamline the sealing of low-level marijuana convictions told Nevada lawmakers it will help people move forward with their lives.

Democratic Assemblyman William McCurdy II told legislators Tuesday that thousands of people have convictions tied to low-level marijuana possession. He says the legislation will help more people gain employment and clear the way to vote, along with removing the stigma of having a criminal conviction.

The bill goes further than low-level marijuana convictions. It would permit a person to notify a court to seal criminal records tied to any conviction that is no longer illegal.

McCurdy says low-level marijuana convictions can currently be sealed, but the process is tough and arduous.

“The reward is allowing those folks, who have maybe made a (mistake) in the past, to move forward with their lives.”— Assemblyman William McCurdy II

The bill states the court cannot charge a fee for filing a notice to seal the records.