Nevada Legislature: Campus Carry dies again on Assembly floor |

Nevada Legislature: Campus Carry dies again on Assembly floor

A last ditch attempt to force Nevada college campuses to let people to carry guns to class was rejected by the Assembly on Thursday.

Assemblyman Ira Hansen, R-sparks, tried to attach the “campus carry” language to SB175, a measure designed to prevent people convicted of domestic violence from having guns and to expand the definition of justifiable homicide.

The voice vote was loud but close.

After a delay while Speaker John Hambrick R-Las Vegas, sought procedural advice from Chief Clerk Susan Furlong, he called for a division of the house. He asked first supporters then opponents to stand, announcing he would be supporting the amendment.

“There are 18 ayes and 24 nays,” he said. “The amendment fails.”

That prompted Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, R-Las Vegas, to stand and say, “I want a roll call vote on this.”

“As speaker, I deny the request. This body has already voted,” said Hambrick.

She then asked for a one minute recess.

“The request is denied,” he said. “There is not a one minute recess. We’re going to keep on going.”

Fiore then left the chamber.

“Campus carry” drew loud protests including from university officials who said that decision should be left to the individual campuses, not imposed by the Legislature. Supporters said people with concealed weapons permits should be allowed to have guns with them on campus — especially women — to protect themselves from assault.

Several measures including the language died in committee and in the Senate.

After Fiore left the floor, leadership ordered her barred from the floor at least for the day.