Nevada lobbyist accused of false statements at hearing |

Nevada lobbyist accused of false statements at hearing

The Associated Press

A policy director from a free-market organization has accused a Nevada lobbyist of making false statements while testifying in front of lawmakers earlier this year.

A complaint filed by Robert Fellner with the Nevada Policy Research Institute accuses Retired Public Employees of Nevada lobbyist Marlene Lockard of violating a state law that prohibits people from knowingly misrepresenting a fact to a legislative committee.

The institute’s complaint says those statements came during a hearing over a bill that would make confidential certain information on retired public employees. The institute has been an outspoken opponent to the measure.

Lockard called the complaint “absolutely malicious” and says it’s an extension of the institute’s push to kill the bill. She says they deliberately misconstrued her testimony about what information can be made public information.