Nevada sets up anonymous online exit interview system |

Nevada sets up anonymous online exit interview system

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

The Nevada Human Resources Division has set up an exit interview system for employees leaving state service.

Division Administrator Lee-Ann Easton said the idea is, “employees who choose to leave their jobs can provide valuable feedback to help improve the work environment.”

“Employee turnover can result in negative consequences for state departments and agencies including costs related to increased recruitment and training and indirect impacts such as lost productivity and lower morale,” she said.

The employee exit interview survey, which is posed online at the division’s website is anonymous and can be done online.

The survey can be found at WW. For those who prefer, a paper version of the survey can be found at

The surveys will be requested from employees voluntarily leaving state service and from those workers moving from one agency to another.

Easton said the results will be provided to agency personnel liaisons on a quarterly basis.