Nevada’s voter registration up more than 14,000 in August |

Nevada’s voter registration up more than 14,000 in August

A total of 14,479 people registered to vote in August.

That raises the total number of voters in the Silver State to 1,774,464 and the total active voters to 1,579,293.

Democrats lead in total registration with 677,524 voters. Republicans are about 100,000 behind with 578,873.

But just 601,323 Democrats are listed as active voters with nearly 77,000 on the inactive list. Voters become inactive when they fail to return a residency confirmation card but can still vote in an election by affirming they are still eligible and in their district.

By comparison, just about 1,000 Republicans are listed as inactive

Nonpartisans have the ability to decide most elections with 403,117 registered statewide.

The Democratic registration lead is entirely because of the numbers from Clark County where there are 522,298 Democrats and 357,580 Republicans on the books.

In Carson City, there are 35,561 registered to vote, 32,673 of them active. Unlike the state as a whole, the majority is held by Republicans in the capital at 15,564 compared to 10,570 Democrats and 6,781 nonpartisans.

In fact, Republicans out-register Democrats in 16 of Nevada’s 17 counties.

Washoe, Nevada’s second largest county, is closest in registration numbers with 109,467 Republicans and 105,639 Democrats.

The GOP holds huge percentage leads in a number of counties. In Churchill, there are 8,582 Republicans to just 2,672 Democrats. In Douglas, the story is similar with 21,112 Republicans on the books compared to 8,992 Democrats. Finally, Lyon County lists 19,224 Republicans to 8,249 Democrats and in Storey, it’s 1,709 to 773.