NPRI won’t post its staff salaries |

NPRI won’t post its staff salaries

The Nevada Policy Research Institute, a self-described conservative think tank headquartered in Las Vegas, has sparked the ire of numerous public employees by annually posting their salaries — by name — for all to see.

Most recently NPRI posted 461 pages of Public Employee Retirement System retiree pension earnings on its website, Transparent Nevada.

Asked whether the institute would consider applying its “Transparent Nevada” philosophy to the salaries NPRI pays its employees, President Andy Matthews made it clear Wednesday that won’t be happening.

“We’re not going to put up the salaries of people who work for NPRI,” he said. “We’re a private organization.”

Matthews said his employees have “an expectation of privacy.”

“You wouldn’t want your company to post your salary, would you?”

He said the pay and retiree benefits received by state and local government workers and school district employees are different.

“Taxpayers fund the salaries of public employees,” he said. “And they don’t have any choice.”