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Ormsby House on Carson City Board of Supervisors agenda

The Carson City Board of Supervisors on Thursday will get an update on the Ormsby House and hear several items forwarded from the Planning Commission.

The Ormsby House item was postponed from the last board meeting, when the property owners’ representative couldn’t attend the meeting.

Kim Fiegehen is expected to provide details on the latest efforts to market and sell the downtown hotel.

The update is one of the conditions for continuing an 18-month extension of the property’s building permit, granted by the board last September.

The other condition was construction on the building’s exterior be completed by Dec. 15, 2016, and city staff said that was met and is recommending the board continue the building permit extension.

Also on the agenda:

Approval of the first residential development on Lompa Ranch is on the agenda.

The Planning Commission in February recommended the board approve a tentative subdivision map for 189 houses on 44.55 acres of the 251-acre site.

The development by Blackstone Development Group Inc. will feature 10-acre and 3-acre parks and walking trails, and will include homeowners and landscape maintenance associations.

The development is planned south of Robinson Street, east of Saliman Road and just north of 5th Street, and would have two entrances/exits, on Robinson Street and Saliman Road.

Also forwarded from the Planning Commission are two ordinances, one to create a new industrial zone called General Industrial Airport and a second to change the zoning on some land near the airport to the new zone as well as some other parcels to General Industrial.

Both will be heard on first reading.

The board will hear on second reading and vote whether to adopt changes to the city’s nuisance code as it pertains to residential motels.

The board acting as the Liquor and Entertainment Board will vote whether to recommend the supervisors adopt changes to the city’s liquor ordinance that include, among other things, allowing a hearing office to review liquor license applications.

The supervisors will vote whether to approve a $288,150.16 purchase of a water utility truck, sewer van, waste water treatment plant utility truck, and a streets rubber melter from Michael Hohl Motor Co., and Capital Ford for the city’s Public Works department.

The board also will convene as the Board of Health to hear several items, including discussion of funding and service delivery challenges facing Carson City Health and Human Services Department.

The Board of Supervisors meet at 8:30 a.m. in the Sierra Room, Carson City Community Center, 851 E. William St.