Petition to raise minimum wage withdrawn |

Petition to raise minimum wage withdrawn

The PLAN backed initiative petition to raise Nevada’s minimum wage has been withdrawn.

The Secretary of State’s website shows the petition by the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada was withdrawn earlier this month after lawyers for the two sides jointly agreed to dismiss the Supreme Court appeal of District Judge James Wilson’s order allowing the petition to proceed. The high court dismissed the appeal March 10.

Wilson ruled the proposed ballot question could go forward despite objections by lawyers for the Reno/Sparks and Las Vegas Chambers of Commerce it completely avoided telling potential signers the plan would impose damages on businesses that violate the rules even if the violation was accidental. The petititon would have mandated triple damages instead of awarding the employee the amount of money he or she should have gotten.

They also objected to including what they described as numerous administrative matters involving property rights and eminent domain that can’t legally be included in a petition, including setting dates and deadlines.

If approved the petition would have raised Nevada’s minimum wage to $9.25 in 2018 and bumped it another 75-cents a year after that until it reached $13 an hour in 2024. After that it would have been tied to the cost of living index or federal minimum wage, whichever was higher.

Lawyers for PLAN withdrew the initiative from the Secretary of State’s office earlier this month, after which both sides agreed to dismiss the Supreme Court appeal.