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Police group calls on Laxalt to release criminal history

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2nd Annual Basque Fry host Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt is interviewed at Corley Ranch in 2016.
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The Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers has called on Attorney General and Republican candidate for governor Adam Laxalt to release his police record including those records from his home state of Virginia.

“Mr. Laxalt has admitted that he assaulted a police officer as a younger man,” said said Executive Director Richard McCann of NAPSO. “You can’t claim to be tough on crime if you don’t respect our country’s hardworking women and men of law enforcement. If some one has a history of violence, especially toward officers of the law, it should be a concern for anyone around them.”

He said the fact the incident happened year ago, “doesn’t insulate it from a thorough review.”

“You can’t be trusted to serve in our state’s highest office if yhou have purposely hidden disturbing details of a violent past that might reveal your true character,” McCann said in a statement issued this week.

Reports have indicated there are 36 pages of documentation in Laxalt’s police record in Virginia.

NAPSO is affiliated with the Nevada state AFL-CIO and bills itself as the largest affiliation of law enforcement associations in Nevada.