Record number registered to vote in Nevada |

Record number registered to vote in Nevada

Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske said Tuesday a record number of Nevadans have registered to vote in the upcoming elections.

She said the total number of active voters is now at 1,519,038. That’s more than 10,000 more than the previous record set in February 2017.

According to the Secretary of State’s website, Nevada now has a total of 1,742,007 registered voters when inactive voters are added in. Those people are inactive because they failed to respond to a mailing card asking if they’re still in the state or by failing to vote in several previous elections but they can vote in November simply by affirming they’re still here and eligible.

Among active voters, Democrats still hold a substantial registration advantage with 582,283 registered or 38.33 percent of the total. Republicans are second at 33.74 percent or 512,525 registered.

The next largest group of voters — and the group that most often decides the winner in contested races, is the non-partisan voters who, in the active list, number 328,441. After that, the Independent American Party holds the highest total at 66,273.

When all registered voters are considered, Democrats hold an even larger lead over Republicans — 669,917 to 570,769, just shy of 100,000 more. Non-partisans have a total when all registered voters are tallied of 387,812 while IAP voters number 77,361.