Sage Grouse economic impacts released |

Sage Grouse economic impacts released

The draft analysis laying out potential economic impacts if the sage grouse is listed as a as a threatened species is now available from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

A spokesman said the service is required to consider economic impacts that might result from a designation of critical habitat to protect the birds.

State of Nevada officials along with miners, the Cattlemen’s Association, hunting and other recreation groups have all said listing the grouse would have a devastating impact on the rights of Nevadans to use the lands.

“To assess the probable economic impacts of a designation, the agency must first evaluate specific land uses or activities and projects that may occur in the area of the critical habitat,” according to wildlife officials.

In addition, the service announced a 30-day extension of the public comment period on the proposed critical habitat for the grouse. The proposals include listing the bird as threatened and designating up to 1.86 million acres of habitat for the species.

The final determination of whether to list the sage grouse as a threatened species will be published by April 28, 2015.