Sen. Ted Cruz takes shot at Gov. Brian Sandoval at Carson City rally |

Sen. Ted Cruz takes shot at Gov. Brian Sandoval at Carson City rally

Sen. Ted Cruz greets his supporters at the Brewery Arts Center on Tuesday afternoon.
Jim Grant | Nevada Appeal

Sen. Ted Cruz used a Carson City rally on Tuesday to take a thinly veiled shot at fellow Republican and governor Brian Sandoval.

He started his speech at the Brewery Arts Center objecting to politicians he says run as conservatives but change once in office.

“The people of Nevada has some experience with politicians who say one thing and do another,” the Texas senator said. “Politicians who campaign on cutting taxes then vote in a massive increase.”

He said voters need “leaders whose first priority is to honor the commitments they made to the people who elected (them).”

In contrast, he praised his Nevada campaign chairman Attorney General Adam Laxalt as a “principled constitutionalist.”

It was Laxalt who introduced Cruz to the crowd of more than 200, descriving him as “the most prepared to get us back to the constitutional center.”

He drew applause from the crowd when he cited the fact the federal government owns 85 percent of Nevada “is fundamentally wrong and, if I’m elected president, that will end.”

He said his administration also would lift the yoke of the EPA and BLM off of Nevada.

Cruz said his first day in office as president, he would “rescind every illegal, unconstitutional executive action” President Obama has made, order a Justice Department investigation of Planned Parenthood, order government agencies to stop whast he called “the persecution of religious liberty,” tear up the Iran nuclear arms deal and order the U.S. embassy in Israel moved to Jerusalem.

He also said Justice Antonin Scalia’s death puts the nation one justice away form a high court he said would tear up the constitution and Bill of Rights. He said as president he would nominate only principaled constitutionalists to the Supreme Court.

Cruz touted his reputation as being disliked by his fellow members of the House and Senate as a badge of honor saying they don’t like him because he stands up for his principals and refuses to cave in to political expediency and “get along.”

Cruz concluded by telling the crowd he believes President Obama’s legacy will be creating the “new generation of Republican candidates who will produce the next Reagan revolution.”